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Ive had many different types of injuries which have held me back in crossfit. After the first session, I immediately noticed improvements. I dont know how he does it, but hes amazing!!

Monica A.


In just our first session he was able to dramatically loosen up my neck and improve the range of motion in my problematic left shoulder. A week later I was able to play a game of ultimate without setting off any neck spasms for the first time since my second surgery. I've seen him several times since and things have continued to improve. I've been able to play without pain and ramp back up in my training. For the past few weeks I've been trying out for the Detroit Mechanix, Detroit's professional ultimate team. I just found out I made the team.

Now I'm looking forward to playing my first pro season since 2012, and I know it wouldn't have been possible without Allan's help. Seeing him was one of the best decisions I've ever made. He didn't just help me come back from injury, he brought back my love for the game. I can't thank him enough.

Jeremy K.


Allan is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with any and all musculoskeletal issues.  I came to him with very limited head and neck range of motion, and after each session, he was able to restore me to normal--including fixing my forward head and neck posture.  He comes highly recommended and I trust he will be able to help you too.

Rachel T.


Excellent confidence of touch, well versed in many modalities and an awesome massage every time!!!!!!!

Matt K.


As a fellow Massage Therapist, I consider Allan my go-to person!  He is a great teacher as well and is always willing to offer self-help techniques until I can see him again.  His ability to "connect the dots" has helped me time and time again.

Zsuzsanna P.


I have had my range of motion improved, and healing of an injury accelerated from working with Allan Moltmaker. He has an amazing base of knowledge, wide range of modalities, and can explain to you how it all works. He also worked with me on how I, myself, can maintain good form and strength. As a massage therapist myself, I value and appreciate all of his characteristics and plan on continuing to see him. I give him the highest recommendation.

Amber S.


I recently started running again. My hips were becoming extremely tight and the shin splints were close to unbearable. After just one session with Allan I was amazed and feeling much better. His knowledge of the body was impressive and very comforting. I look forward to working with Allan again!


Rosemary S.