Reflex Manual Therapy
Fascial Stretch Therapy Orthopedic Massage Sports Massage

Services and Rates

Pricing for Outcall Services (enjoy massage in your home):

  • NO Travel fee
  • Go GREEN, save GREEN: supply your own sheets and save $5

Things to consider:

  • Work space needs to be on first floor and be able to accommodate a 30" x 72" massage table.
  • Consider scheduling additional family/friends before or after your appointment at your home. 
  • Approximately 15 minutes is needed for set-up/tear down.  Your minutes start when the massage starts.

**Current forms of payment are cash or charge**

 To be paid at time of service.

1st Session Price$130 / 60 minutes
Fascial Stretch Therapy$100 / 60 minutes
Orthopedic Massage$100 / 60 minutes
Sports Massage$100 / 60 minutes